About Marble Countertops

Marble is what is known as a metamorphic rock and can be found in regions all over the world. This natural stone is formed from carbonate materials that have been recrystallized beneath the earth’s surface. Most commonly, marble is formed from limestone and and various minerals like sand, iron oxides and clay.

Marble’s color and veining patterns are directly related to the amount and composition of minerals present during formation. For instance, marble that is formed in an area with high magnesium content will often create a green hue with serpentine patterns.

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Benefits of Marble Countertops

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When you choose marble countertops for your project, you can expect a ton of benefits. Aside from being stunningly gorgeous, marble offers an array of advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you aren’t quite convinced that marble countertops are right for you, here are some additional benefits of marble that may help you decide.

  • Heat Resistant - Marble countertops are extremely heat resistant, which means hot cookware or hair styling implements won’t pose a major threat to your stone.
  • Inherently Cooler Temperature - Marble maintains a natural temperature that is cooler than the surrounding environment. That’s what makes this stone the perfect surface for rolling out pastry and doughs.
  • Design Flexibility - This natural is stone is softer than other countertop options like granite and quartizite. This makes marble the ideal choice if you are considering custom fabrication, specialized shapes, and unique edging options.
  • Added Value - Marble is a great way to see the best returns on your investment. If you ever decide to sell your home, these high-end features will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. This may also prompt higher offers from serious buyers who are looking for these high-end features.
  • Durability - Marble countertops are incredibly durable. With the proper care and maintenance, your stone will likely outlast your home! You’ll never have to replace your marble countertops unless you simply want to.

Marble Countertop Colors

Marble can be found in a bevy of beautiful hues with a palette that’s bold and vibrant. No matter what you style or design, you can be sure to find the perfect complimentary color to match your vision. From rich blacks and brilliant whites to soft pinks and blissful blues, the colors of marble are rich and plentiful.

Marble colors and patterns are entirely dependent on the specific region and quarry from which the stone came. Each quarry around the world has its own unique blend of minerals that creates each stone’s unique color and veining patterns. Once the stone from a particular site is gone, it can never be replicated or reproduced.

Some of the most popular marble-producing regions include: Greece, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

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Kitchen Marble Countertops

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Kitchen marble countertops will add an elevated level of sophistication, elegance, and timeless appeal to any design. From modern and shabby chic to classic and contemporary, kitchen marble countertops offer the versatility to compliment any design, style, and personal taste with ease.

Marble is a soft, highly-porous stone and will require a moderate amount of maintenance and upkeep. This natural porosity means your kitchen marble countertops are incredibly susceptible to staining and etching. Acidic materials like soda, citrus and fruit juices, coffee, alcohol, and tomato-based products should always be promptly and thoroughly cleaned to prevent damaging the surface of your stone.

It’s worth noting that due to this same porosity, it’s strongly recommended to include a high-quality sealant application with your countertop installation. This will help to protect your stone and prevent staining, etching, and discoloration over time. Typically, routine applications of a high-quality sealant will be needed each year to maintain and protect the natural beauty of your kitchen marble countertops.

Bathroom Marble Countertop & Vanities

For those who absolutely love the look and feel of marble, but aren’t sure if this stone is well-suited for your kitchen - bathroom marble countertops are the perfect alternative!

There’s no denying the warm sophistication and elegant luxury that marble adds to any space. This stone comes in a wide array of hues and patterns,  so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect stone to match the design and decor of your new space.

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