About Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are an engineered stone, created and manufactured by highly-trained and experienced countertop manufacturers. Your quartz countertops are created by combining crushed quartz with pigments for color and a small amount of polymer resins to hold everything together. Typically, this mixture will contain between 92% - 94% quartz with no more than 6% additives.

Quartz countertops feature incredible durability and superior performance with virtually no maintenance needed. Now you can enjoy all the advantages of natural stone without the extra maintenance. And because quartz countertops are engineered, fabricators can create stunning customized colors and patterns to perfectly match your vision.

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Benefits of Quartz Countertops

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There are a ton of benefits that you can enjoy from quartz countertop installation. The resins added during the manufacturing process offer two important advantages:

  • Non-Porous - The resins ensure your engineered stone surfaces will remain non-porous for the lifetime of the stone. This means your quartz countertops aren’t prone to staining and won’t harbor or spread bacteria and viruses. Most professional countertop installers also offer an antibacterial additive for extra peace of mind.
  • No Maintenance - Because of its inherently non-porous characteristics, your quartz countertops won’t ever need to be sealed. There’s also no need for specialty cleaning products. Armed with a soft cloth and a mild soap and water mixture, cleanup has never been easier!

If you're not completely convinced that quartz countertops are right for you, consider these additional advantages of quartz countertops.

  • Endless Customization - Your countertop fabricator can create stunning custom colors, shapes, textures, patterns, and finishes for a truly unique look and feel.
  • Superior Durability - The polymer resin additives result in a stone that’s harder than other countertop options like granite and concrete. This engineered stone is perfect for high-traffic and heavily used spaces because it’s nearly impossible to scratch.
  • Gorgeous Aesthetics - Imperfections are virtually non-existent because the manufacturing process is controlled. Quartz countertops feature a natural luster with a deeply rich, 3D appearance that mimics the look of natural stone.
  • Superior Performance - Quartz countertops are naturally resistant to impacts, corrosion, scratching, staining, chipping, and cracking. This makes engineered countertops the ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Quartz Countertop Colors

Quartz countertops can be fabricated in a rich spectrum of colors and patterns with a palette that is both bold and plentiful. From scarlet red to sapphire blue and midnight black, you can be sure your quartz countertop color will perfectly match your vision.

Quartz countertops colors can be customized to perfectly complement any design, style, and personal taste. Engineered quartz countertops offer an unrivaled palette of color options that can suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a show-stopping centerpiece or an understated elegance to accentuate other high-end features, you simply can’t go wrong with quartz countertops!

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Kitchen Quartz Countertops

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Quartz is one of the absolute best choices for busy and bustling kitchens. Considering the superior durability, sustainability, performance, and hygienic characteristics, it’s easy to see how this stone has been quickly gaining popularity! And because this material is flexible enough to withstand larger slab sizes, you can cover larger areas with fewer seams.

It’s important to keep in mind that this stone is moderately heat resistant but not heat-proof. Therefore, it is essential to use trivets or other protective pads to prevent scorching and discoloration of your quartz surfaces.

Bathroom Quartz Countertops & Vanities

Engineered quartz countertops offer virtually endless design options. This gives you the ability to create your dream space with ease. Whether you are dreaming of a dramatic and stunning space or the most peaceful of sanctuaries, quartz countertops will certainly deliver!

It’s worth noting that engineered quartz countertops are significantly heavier than alternative countertop options. Not only should cabinets be sturdy and strong, the building itself will need to be as well. This is especially true for older homes and countertop projects for spaces on upper floors.

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